Soybean Processing Plant Goes High-Tech

The team at Sweeney Controls was proud to design and implement an automation control system for Peterson Farms Seed that meet their goals of efficiency in delivering quality product. The following story showcases their new high-tech facility:

PROSPER, N.D. — Prompted by rapid growth over the last decade, Peterson Farms Seed has built a new, high-tech soybean processing plant at its headquarters here. “Our total focus is to put the best quality product we can into our customers’ hands,” said Carl Peterson, the company’s president.

The plant features the latest in soybean processing technology, he said. A full automation control system monitors the flow process and bin levels, and operates the machinery.

“This allows our operators to focus more on efficiency and then quality settings rather than worrying about answering high/low alarms all day,” said Jessie Hendrickson, Peterson Farms Seed processing supervisor. “It gives us that step up where we can just worry about how the plant’s running.”

Get the full story and see the video of their plant in action: Soybean processing plant goes high-tech

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